Welcome to Apex Predator Bows

I have been building bows since 1998.  My first was a hickory self-bow that I still shoot occasionally.  I built quite a few bamboo-backed bows before I changed to fiberglass laminated bows.  I find them more durable, and I love the look of the exotic woods under clear glass.

I spent over 20 years in the United States Navy and retired in 2006.  Since retiring, I have more time to devote to my bow-building passion.  My wife and I have been married for 20 years and have 2 teen-aged children who keep us busy.  We live in Southeast Georgia and try to spend as much time as possible on the water fishing or in a river swamp hunting.

I offer four different model longbows:

Riser-Ebony and Osage Ossabaw 01

The Cumberland is my flagship model, a straight profile longbow with just a touch of string follow.  Her limbs are 1-3/8″ wide, and the riser is cut 1/8″ from center.  She is available in lengths from 62-68″ nock-to-nock.  This bow is a sweet shooter and deadly quiet.

The Sapelo is my mild deflex/reflex longbow and is available in lengths from 62-66″ nock-to-nock.  Her limbs are 1-3/8″ wide, and the riser is cut 1/8″ from center.  This beauty is for those who don’t like lots of curve in a longbow and prefer that “D” shape when strung.

The Ossabaw is my pronounced deflex/reflex longbow and is available in lengths from 60-64″ nock-to-nock.  This one is 1-3/8″ wide, and the arrow shelf is cut to center.  She is very well-mannered for a fast bow!

The Wassaw is my three piece longbow.  She is a reverse risered three piece longbow available in lengths of 60-62″.  She a very stable shooting platform and very forgiving, with a little extra brace height.  Don’t let her fool you though, because she is no slouch!

I use only the highest quality materials.  Each bow gets four precisely ground tapered laminations, the best fiberglass, and smooth-on epoxy.  I spray every bow with Fullerplast catalyzed varnish.  All bows come with a custom bow sock and choice of Dacron B-50 or Dynaflight 97 string. I have many testimonials from bowhunters.

Fullerplast Frosted Finish


I meticulously build each longbow to fit your needs.