Bow Model Base Prices

(Base price includes black glass, bamboo cores, basic tip overlays, no riser overlays, single wood risers, your choice of B50 dacron or D97 string, bow sock, hard PVC shipping tube)

(There is no extra charge for most domestic and exotic woods commonly used in bows.  Some exotic riser/limb woods will cost extra.  Please discuss your choices with me ahead of time.  Some exotic woods are becoming hard to find and may increase the price by $50-$200 or more depending on what you desire.)




Wassaw (actionwood riser only)——————————$550


Connexion Hinge————————————————–$175

Riser quiver inserts(1/4-24)(Wassaw only)——————$25

Clear Glass———————————————————–$25

Two wood riser——————————————————$25

Canine riser accent————————————————$25

Laced leather grip wrap——————————————-$10

Beaver tail grip wrap———————————————–$50

Horn riser overlay————————————————–$30

Horn, bone, or antler tip overlays——————————$25

Extra B50 String—————————————————-$10

Extra D97 String—————————————————-$14

I require a deposit of $150 to reserve your spot on the waiting list.  The balance will be due during the last week of your bow build.  Shipping is $25 inside the CONUS.  I add 11% to all orders for the Federal Excise Tax that I must pay on all bows over 30#.  GA residents must pay sales tax of 7%