The following riser woods are standard: Osage Orange, Bocote, Cocobolo, Bubinga, Granadillo, Bloodwood, Padauk, Zebra, Wenge, and Maple.

If you have a request for a different wood, please call for cost and availability.  See what other traditional bowhunter have to say about my bows.

The Ossabaw with Osage/Wenge Riser and Locator Grip


The Ossabaw with Wenge/Bubinga Riser and Locator Grip


Asian Ebony

Riser-Asian Ebony

The Cumberland with Bubinga Riser and Pistol Grip


The Cumberland with Cocobolo/Bocote Riser and Locator Grip


Ebony and Osage Ossabaw

Riser-Ebony and Osage Ossabaw 01 Riser - Ebony and Osage Ossabaw 02 Riser - Ebony and Osage Ossabaw 03

Bois de Rose Sapelo with Hinge

Riser - Bois de Rose Sapelo w-hinge

The following are shot photos of the “Wassaw” riser in nutmeg actionwood.

Coming Soon…