“Draws smooth and has some of the best work if not the best lines I’ve ever seen!”

~Oliverstacy, Trad Gang

“Thanks for the bow, the craftsmanship is flawless. Myself being one who loves the old 66″ D-Style long bow was really impressed with the new Apex Predator I received. It is unbelievably smooth and quiet and a pleasure to shoot. Not to mention no hand shock and the remarkable speed that it shoots my heavy arrows at is amazing. This bow has definitely become my main bow.”

~C.J. Pearson

“I have several of Mike’s bows and they are sweet shooters. The quality is un-matched as well.”

~Martin Hubbard

“I really enjoy shooting my Apex Predator bow.  Mike is a true craftsman – I was impressed with how well it turned out.”

~Brad Walker

“I purchased a Cumberland in Eastern Red Cedar, with Antler tips. An absolutely fine piece of craftsmanship in this bow.  It looks great, and it shoots even better.  I recommend compound bow shooters give traditional a try!”

~Cliff, Advanced Hunter

“My Apex is as nicely finished as any bow I’ve seen. Mike knows what he’s doing.”

~Sharptop, Georgia Outdoor News

“It is a beautiful piece of artisanship that I am very proud to own.  She shoots just as good as she looks, and likes a heavy arrow!”

~Jake Allen, Georgia Outdoor News

“Fellas, I got the bow today and it shoots even better than it looks, if that’s possible.  Thanks Mike, RC.”

~Robert Carter

“Mike’s craftsmanship is second to none. The bow is flawless.”

~Chris Spikes

“The bow arrived today. Man its beautiful! You have done a great job! Thank you.”

~Vern Watkins